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Unable to Download App or Why Tweaked apps are not installing? (TweakBox, TutuApp, Ignition, App Valley, and more!)

TweakBox offers a big variety of apps and games and has been a big Cydia alternative for a long time with thousands of apps and games to choose from, there is something for everyone here. Recently, users faced a big problem with Tweakbox – Apps are not installing. Moreover, when people try to open apps like Spotify++ or some tweaked apps or games, they get a message: “Verifying will use your network connection to see if the app from this enterprise developer can be used on your iPhone” And even if they go inside Settings – General – Profiles and Device Management and try to verify an app – there is no result. Also the following errors may appear in this case:

  • Tweakbox app is not signing.
  • Tweakbox is not getting installed.
  • Tweakbox not downloading or opening.
  • Untrusted Developer warning.
  • Tweakbox not connecting or servers down.

What is the Reason?

Tweakbox and Apps like AppValley or Ignition are now under strict control. There are multiple people who take them down as soon as they upload new Apps. Despite the fact that they always provided fresh and stable apps, now – its impossible to use these stores as the apps go down in few hours, not even days.

unable to verify app

What is the Alternative? Where to get Apps Now?

One of the earliest and still underrated TweakBox Alternatives is Apps4iPhone. Apps4iPhone was the first store which Tweakbox is based on and cloned from. Apps4iPhone offers not only ++Apps or Tweaked Apps but also few customization options and iOS beta profiles. The main advantage of it is it has multiple versions of Specific Tweaked Apps, which get revoked in other stores from time to time, but on Apps4iPhone you can always get another signed version.  It doesn’t require you to have a jailbreak installed or connect your device to computer – just visit the website and it will install a WebApp in a few seconds!

Apps4iphone Tweaked Apps ++ Spotify++
Apps4iphone Tweaked Apps ++ Spotify++