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Tweaked Apps CRASHING? Here’s how to FIX them Tutorial

If your tweaked apps are crashing – chances are you probably installed more than 1 tweaked apps in the past. This usually happens when Apple revoked developer certificate for these apps, but recent cases say that the problem is different. While users see their apps being still signed, their apps crash. You may see this or similar warnings or just crash when opening an app.

We made a research on that topic. And we found an explanation – Tweaked apps crash because Apple already revoked a certificate on your device at least once and they mark your device as a “Tweaked Apps User”. They do it because they don’t want you to use these apps and only to download legit ones using AppStore. The question is – Can you fix these apps on device?

FIX Tweaked Apps Crash

The fix actually exists and it’s pretty simple, however not many will attempt to do it. It requires to restore the device to factory settings and it will remove Apple’s mark from the device and they will no longer know if you installed any tweaked apps. We will guide you through this process if you’d like to fix this. Currently it’s the only way to fix apps. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings – Your Name/Account on top – iCloud – create backup (we strongly recommend you to also do it on the computer)
  2. In Settings – General – Reset – Erase all Content and Settings
  3. Restore your iPhone from the setup menu after erase

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You can follow all of the steps by watching a full Video tutorial:

We hope that our Fix for tweaked ++ Apps not opening worked for you and your tweaked apps are working now. Let us know if you found anything useful/interesting or would like to add to this post in the comments below.