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What’s the best alternative app to Spotify on iOS (iPhone & iPad) in 2020?

If you found this post – chances are, you are probably looking for a better alternative to Spotify for several reasons:

  1. Spotify might not work in your country
  2. Their Premium fee is too expensive
  3. Bad usability – disappearing tracks, hard to use

So let’s look at the alternatives!

1) Youtube Music

Youtube music is a streaming service developed by Youtube. It has a simple and easy to use interface. It’s big plus is it allows you to browse youtube for songs that you already probably listened to on Youtube and all of the music videos are available to you. Another great advantage that makes it a Spotify alternative is the 1-month free trial and a lower cost of premium with offline options.

2) Melodista Music Offline Player

Melodista is the new, one of its class app, music offline player for iOS. It is available completely free on the AppStore and offers many ways to import music and listen to it offline. It has other features like Lyrics find, Metadata editor, Sleep Timer, Playlists, Author and Album sorting and more!

3) SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an old well-known steaming platform for not only the original artists but also for remakers and DJs. You can even upload your own music on it without any verification. If you are looking for brand-new artists, it’s definitely a major go!

4) AppleMusic

Apple Music is one of the big competitors to the Spotify. They have been splitting the Music streaming industry in the last couple of years and battling for the first place. Why Apple Music is a great alternative? Well, it has almost everything that Spotify has and most importantly has been made and designed by Apple, so it follows all of the design guidelines and companies principles for the best software experience. On the other hand, they will not allow you to try their service unless you officially try their premium subscription which, fortunately, has a free period of use with cancel anytime bonus.

5) Pandora

Pandora is designed for people who are into listening stations with favorite artists. Beyond music, you can subscribe to your favorite podcasts to listen to them at your own convenient time. That’s not all; you also have the option to download everything you want for endless offline streaming. Their price is fairly low in comparison to Spotify.

6) Tidal

Tidal is made for audiophiles. If you really want the true music experience in your best in class headphones, Tidal will satisfy that passion. It has more than 59 million songs in the library, so many of the popular artists are included. However, the fee for the current streaming service is on the pricy side.

7) Deezer

Last but not least is Deezer. It is fairly popular among people but not as big as the Spotify. Its best advantage is handcrafted playlists that are made by the Deezer team and ability to listen to live sports, podcasts, radio stations and even audio channels. However, it’s also priced higher than our first alternatives.