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Turn any iPhone into iPhone X | Xs – Get Face ID, Animoji

Today, I’d like to share with you my ultimate iPhone X | Xs convention guide. We gonna add very similar functionality in software of your iPhone to give it a full iPhone X experience. That includes: Animoji, Face ID, Multitasking and interface. If you don’t want to read the full article, there are 3 video tutorials on the bottom of the page.

First, let’s start with the interface, it brings iPhone X multitasking, bottom virtual home bar, and navigation. This one requires a jailbreak installed on your device, you can visit my channel to learn more about jailbreak or get the latest compatible version. but if you already have it, proceed.

First, go into Cydia>Sources, click “edit” then “add” and add the following repository:

After that, go the search and search for tweak “LittleX” and install it. This tweak should bring everything discussed above, even the lock screen of the iPhone X.

Part 2: Animoji

The iPhone X camera has unique sensors which no other phone has, and the Animoji technology is precisely was built to only wipers with such hardware, thus its nearly impossible to port it on regular iPhones. A one good alternative to it is the app from an AppStore that mimics that Animoji functionality. It’s called SuperMoji and it’s super fun, not only do you have more characters there but it’s compatible with any iPhone and even iPhone X! Most people like it and rate it with 5+.

And finally Face ID

As listed before, iPhone X has special hardware to recognize face in 3D environment. But the question is, can we get it with just a regular camera, without sensors ? The answer is Yes! As seen on practice, other cheaper phones use basic facial recognition, which can be brought over to iPhone. We will need Cydia again for this.

First go into Cydia>Sources and add the following source:

And after that, search for the Appelancy tweak, make sure it has IOS 11 in the brackets and install it. Then find the app on your home screen and click on the button which allows you to add face photos, the more you make, the better recognition will be. Now, you can configure this tweak in the settings but also use it alongside Touch ID!

And that’s it, below you can find full video tutorials to help you in the process. Enjoy!