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Things Apple must Change in iOS 13!

iOS isn’t a simple OS with a few basic features anymore that Steve Jobs showed us in the first iPhone. It became much more functional for more personal and business oriented tasks. We’ve seen both iPhone and iPad improve over the years and got features which users requested. Last one, iOS 12, was oriented mostly on performance and stability, to fix all of the major bugs it had since day one. But today, we are talking about iOS 13, which is rumored to be made for bringing new functionality to make the user experience event better with both iPad and iPhone. So let’s take a look at everything that Apple has to change and bring in iOS 13. 

Customizable LockScreen

So let’s start with a more customizable lock screen. We had the same look of the iPhone lock screen for ages! And almost didn’t change all that much. How about bringing more user flexibility here and allowing us to adjust it, add widgets, like weather or stocks, to have a quick glance at the new info once you need it, without unlocking your iPhone. 

Adjustable Camera Settings inside Camera App

And how about the camera? This part also requires a big revamp, why not to give people freedom to adjust camera settings inside the camera app? Select the frames per second mode and video resolution when you need it. And in the same time implement RAW photo mode for more professional edit and use. 

Dark Mode

Another big thing that most iPhone users are waiting for is the “night” or dark mode. This is already available on Mac OS Mojave and it’s surely enough will be here in iOS 13 on iPhone. And with that, apple, give us two night mode options: a true dark mode for OLED display to save battery and a lighter dark blue mode for our personal preference. 

Ability to Swipe Away Calls

And how many times have you had to decline a call without an ability to just swipe it away, if you’re not able to answer it, kinda like you can with a regular message. That can distract a lot when you are concentrated on something and some phone call is coming in. 

Control Center with new toggles from third party apps

Now the control center. When apple changed the look of the control center, adding a list of system settings blocks which can be 3d touched, they didn’t think about third party applications. How cool would that be if we could replace or add these toggles from Shortcuts app or other apps that we download from the AppStore. 

iPad screen modes

And how about porting some features from current iPad to the iPhone, like the split screen feature or picture in picture mode. These could easily be implemented in Bigger iPhone models, Plus Series and Face ID Enabled iPhones. There is clearly enough room for it and even for a small video that you could watch, when browsing another app.

New Volume Bar

Quite Frankly, the most annoying part of the iOS is the volume HUD. This has to finally go in iOS 13 and became replaced by the new Slick and Minimalistic volume control bar, like in the video app of the iPhone X.  

Extended Files app with USB support

And last but not least is the Files app. I’m truly thankful for that app as it brought a ton of flexibility to not only iPhone but an iPad as well. This is especially useful on iPad Pro that is mostly aimed toward professionals. But the lack of the USB Drives and Disk support is letting down a lot of users. With these added, we can get almost full fledged opened Operating system and great possibilities with it! 

That is it, that’s my current vision of the iOS 13 in terms of features, off course lemme know what you think about iOS 13, what other features would you like to see in it? And stay subscribed for more!