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The New Apple iPad Pro 2018 is out!

Apple introduced the new frameless iPad Pro with an 11 and 13-inch display. It’s got an 12 bionic chip with 8 core processor and 7 core graphics, which for the first time was compered to the Xbox One. This new chip crushes 92% of the cheaper laptops even with the core i7, so there is a big chance that most of the well known games can come to the iOS, imagine to be able to play Red Redemption on the plain or bus. The usual Touch ID was replaced with the Face ID but without a notch, they’ve managed to fit this incredible technology into the top bezel of t he iPad to make it look great. This is a true innovation, now iPad Pro is unique and different from a regular iPad, iPad Pro will never be the same!


Also, once again, Mark Gourman’s prediction came true, the new iPad Pro no longer has the usual Lightning connector (“Lightning”), it was replaced with USB-C. You can now buy a separate adaptor / cable to charge your iPhone from the iPad. The new Apple Pencil was introduced alongside the new keyboard.