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Spotify takes down Spotify++, removes premium features on some devices, revokes app

Spotify++ is one of the most well-known tweaks and apps for a long time. Therefore Spotify decides to start targeting users who didn’t pay for the subscription.

Spotify++ has been cut from the service

Just like the Snapchat developers, Spotify started to send emails to the users who installed an unauthorized version of the Spotify on their devices. with the following message:

Dear user
We detected abnormal activity on the app you are using so we have disabled it. Don’t worry – your Spotify account is safe.

However, that’s mostly for the Android devices, as the Spotify++ for ios users has a bypass for that check. But it’s not 100% working for iOS users.

Apple Started to revoke the certificate more often

if you are a user of Spotify++, you may have seen very frequent revokes these days. Thus Spotify++ became very hard to use due to its instability. Apps like tweakbox or appvalley can’t handle this anymore.

What is the Alternative to Spotify++?

A very good app, that looks more like Apple music is called Melodista. It has a lot of useful features like shuffle, repeat, lyrics, playlists, many sources to import music and more!

Melodista offline music player ios iphone spotify++ alternative
Melodista offline music player ios iphone spotify++ alternative

You can use Melodista and all features for free! It’s available on the AppStore:

By using this App, you’ll never need any unauthorized version of the Spotify, it’s a legal app made for free!