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Spotify Plus | Premium + Free iOS 14

It’s clear – Spotify is the most popular and well-known music streaming service and numbers confirm it. There are millions of daily active users on the platform. However you have to ask yourself, which side you are on? Pay for the Premium or stick with the regular Free version?

Advantages of Spotify Plus:

  • This version brings a lot of advantages:
  • A huge library of more than 30 million tracks available on the platform
  • Cross platform client which is compatible with all major operating systems
  • Multiple paid and free plans
  • Offline listening
  • A free trial for 30 days straight
  • A interface that a lot of people adore

Disadvantages of Spotify:

  • There are ads that can popup in the free version
  • A limit of 6 months for free music that few people know about
  • Radio is available only in Europe
  • Free versions doesn’t include offline mode
  • Not available in some countries

Features of the Free Spotify Version:

This version is ideal for people who don’t have spare cash for a full subscription, they get unlimited music streaming on all devices, however they are limited to only 6 months of streaming and 10 hours of listening time per month. For those who want to upgrade to Spotify Plus, you can do it here:

Features of the Premium Version:

For a justified price you are getting a full Spotify Plus version with all of the perks and benefits. You are getting rid of the ads and Offline mode is going to be handy for those who don’t have constant network connection available. Plus, you are getting a better sound quality and faster download speeds.


If you are good with the free version, you probably should go past it. However if you are reading this, chances are, you were looking for a Free Spotify Plus version to try out. With this, you are getting: unlimited streaming, no ads, offline mode, and faster streaming speeds. You can get Free Spotify Plus below:

Spotify Plus gives you all premium features without taking any money, its a free to try version.