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New iPhone 8 interface aspects have been leaked

So the iPhone 8 is right around the corner. We are 2 week ahead of the Apple’s Keynote and know about 90% of the iPhone 8 and how its gonna look like. Earlier today, a developer by the name of  Guilherme Rambo, who I already mentioned on the blog for some great iPhone and iOS leaks, have posted a new video showcasing a iPad dock for iPhone on iOS 11. He used a Xcode Simulator to create it.

In addition to that,  Olivier Charavel, published an image of the same dock and a bar under it.

And Finally, Maksim Petriv also shared an image, where he combined the previous two leaks and added the view of it in apps.

All in all, this should be the final view of the iPhone 8 LockScreen & HomeScreen, so the internal view is no longer a secret.