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More IOS 11 GM leaks appeared today

iOS 11 Golden Master is currently being investigated. More people find something new in it every day. Today 2 well known developers found some new interesting things about iPhone X.

The first one is the naming scheme, we are going to see an iPhone X and iPhone 8, at least that’s how it was officially noted in GM files.

Another leak is about FaceID, a new facial recognition technology for the iPhone X. This illustrates the face enrollment.

And the next leak is about iPhone X camera, it’s clearly visible that the new “touch area” that replaces the home button has a space separation for it.

Rambo also found a new loading indicator in a music player that definitely looks cleaner that the current one.

And this is everything that was found by these great developers and researchers. More leaks are definitely coming soon, so be sure to stay connected! Watch a video coverage of all of the leaks mentioned in the article: