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iPhone​ 11 Pro is released! Here’s what’s new!

Iphone 11 PRo is the new kind of iPhone that we’ve seen. Its made of the stainless steel. IT has a mat finish. It comes in the 4 new colors.

It has the same resolution and screen sizes as the iPhone XS but with improvements. It goes up to 2000 nits. Apple calls it the Super Retina XDR dispaly.

The A13 bionic chip is a groundbreaker. It has the most and latest technologies:

The 2 specific improvements for Neural Networks. It allows more than a trillion operations per second. An improvement to the Machine Learning part, it improves everything that’s connected to it. The transistors now use the 2nd gen transistors with 8,5 billion transistors. This CPU turns on only those small parts of cores to reduce power consumption, so battery life must be durastically impoved.

The camera is stunning with 3 new modules.

Each of the new Module gives the flexibility like never before, here are some examples of photos taken:

Here are some more Features to the iPhone 11 Pro: