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iOS Games 2019 Free : NLO – Only 1% can get to 1000 (AppStore) Free to Play

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the new game – NLO. It’s a free to play game that belongs to the new iOS Games of 2019. NLO is super addictive and challenging. So let’s take a look.

The game requires only 1 finger to play, so it can be played everywhere – while waiting for someone, in public transport or on the couch. It will surprise you with great performance and challenges. NLO features 30+ levels and counting, which are added to the game with every single update. There is a dedicated inApp store which features items for NLO protection, one of them is shield, that can be purchased for 1000 game points.

ios games 2019 – NLO

The point of the game is to protect the NLO from obstacles which are constantly moving or appearing from different locations on the screen. if you anything from iPhone 7 and above, it will surprise you with Taptic feedback integration, so your iPhone will vibrate when touching objects.

Here is the free Appstore link to the game, I hope you’ll enjoy it: