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IOS 11.2 Beta 1 Features and Changes

Earlier today, Apple dropped iOS 11.2 Beta 1 to the registered developers. It was around 2GB on all of the devices and brought some really great features and changes.

Here is the full list:

  1. Power button double tap – doesn’t lock the device
  2. Volume buttons pressed at the same time no longer change the volume
  3. Boot Flashing Screen Removed
  4. New iPhone X wallpapers
  5. Calculator bug fixed
  6. Tweaked emojis
  7. Album artwork is not as rounded
  8. AirPlay 2 is added
  9. Apple TV widget added in streaming
  10. Touch Accommodations back button changed
  11. Emergency SOS image changed and more info added
  12. Passcode locked behavior changed
  13. Reduce animations option tweaked
  14. TV app screen changed
  15. Tv has notifications restrictions
  16. Apple Pay Section in Siri
  17. Apple Music: Shadow fixed, Smooth card animation when dragging, play animation changed, Search is now cleaner, App Force close fade out sound
  18. Feedback app is back


You can install it using the developer profile available HERE

An early review is available here: