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How to uninstall MacKeeper from your Mac with one Click! MacKeeperRemover app 2018

After being infected by MacKeeper software, it was impossible to remove it. In fact, MacKeeper grows its roots in so many different folders and directories of your Mac, and you can’t easily get rid of it. So being a developer I came across an idea: Why not to give people an opportunity to delete this virus from their system with just one click? So I’ve built an app, and it’s called – MacKeeperRemover. It basically does what it says on the box, removes MacKeeper with one click! So here is a full tutorial:

1) Visit the website

2) Click the Download button to get MacKeeper Remover

It’s a ZIP archive, so unachieve it.

3) Click to Open it

if you get this message below: Go into Settings – Security and Privacy – General – Click the lock in the bottom left corner and unlock it – Click OPEN ANYWAY (this popup appears for some apps that aren’t from MacAppStore)

4) Run the App

To begin cleaning your Mac from MacKeeper, just click “REMOVE MACKEEPER”, and it should do the job.

Once done, you will see the popup:

Now, restart your Mac and go into Applications and find MacKeeper in apps. Drag and drop it into the Trash and empty it!

And that’s it! You have successfully removed MacKeeper from your Mac! Enjoy!