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How to Spot Fake AirPods Pro? How are they Different from Original?

We all know, that Airpods are very popular these days, but for some reason, their copies are even more popular than originals. Moreover, these cheap copycats are available in many marketplaces, usually from unknown sellers, some of which try to cheat their customers and sell fake instead of the original. In this article, I’ll teach you how to check if the pair of Airpods Pro is fake or genuine?

How can you tell if AirPod pros are fake?

It is no secret that many of the fake products have some design differences, which we will spot today. While at first glance they may look identical, but if you observe carefully, things may look different.

1) The Light Indicators are different

If you look closely, the light indicator on the front shouldn’t have a hole on the case, but rather sits flush on the flat surface within the case without any light leak. (AirPods in the left are Original)

AirPods Pro indicator fake vs real
AirPods Pro indicator fake vs real

2) Captions should be present on the case and AirPods bodies

Fake Airpods, in most cases, don’t have any captions with the product information, which should be present on the inner side of the case and AirPods bodies and outer case as well. Here, you will also find a Serial Number, that can be checked on Apple’s website for warranty and product purchase date information.

3) A round button at the back of the case

Just like the light indicator, the round button at the back of the case must sit perfectly flat in the case. All known AirPods copies have a button that’s either sits higher or lower to the case.

4) Look at the Connectors on the inside

The way AirPods Pro connect to a charging case is key to Apple’s philosophy. There is only 1 small gold connector per AirPod. The image below represents the difference.

AirPods Pro connectors inside
AirPods Pro connectors inside

5) Remove the Silicone tip to see a difference

If you detach a silicone tip from one of the AirPods, you’ll see that on the original pair there is a black nozzle, whereas fake has a white one. Moreover, these silicone tips aren’t the same on practice and the ones from the fake sometimes get stuck in the ear and they feel as comfortable as the originals.

6) Extra unnecessary lights

Quite a lot of the AirPods copycats have unnecessary light indicators inside each AirPod. They can come in blue or red color, which you’ll never find on the original. However, recently certain versions of knockoffs are shipped without lights, so do keep that in mind.

7) PopUp animation

I’ve decided to write a few words on that, as all AirPod Pro clones now have the same exact Apple AirPods animation, so always take this fact into consideration when testing.


AirPods Pro clones manufacturers tried to replicate the design as much as they could but never invested in the sound quality. Using our tips and instructions, you can easily spot a fake AirPods Pro.