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How to Get Apple Card Now?

Apple Card is an extension to the existing Apple Pay System. It will allow you to track all of your financial operations and see balance and spendings – all beautifully organized in one app. Also you will be able to use it in places, where Apple Pay is not Supported. Today, we gonna learn hoe to get Apple Card now and receive it faster!

How to Apply for Apple Card?

There are few things you need to do in order to apply for Apple Card now. First, go to the apple’s website or click on the following link:

From here, go ahead and select “Notify me” option in the website top menu.

How to Get Apple Card Now?

After you’ve done it, you’ll have to enter your email (preferably Apple ID) to be the first to receive a notification once available.

At this point, you’ll have to wait a few days to get the notification. And once you got it, open Wallet app on your iPhone and select the plus button in the top right corner:

The Apple Card should be now available for setup on the second screen.

And that’s it! From now, you can wait for the physical Apple Card to arrive and use a simple NFC setup to add it to the wallet or use the example described above.