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How to fix Spotify++ not opening / crash

Starting from ios 13 Apple made Spotify++ access even more restricted by enabling an additional system verification. So that’s one of a few reasons why many people experience Spotify++ crashes or not opening. Another reason is the app got revoked. Apple occasionally revokes apps such as Spotify++ on iOS, so the certificate expires.

The fix of Spotify++

There is luckily a solution to that problem, follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > Click on the profile
  2. It will display all of the revoked apps at the bottom including Spotify++ 
  3. Tap ‘Delete Apps’ and confirm it

Now, all you have to do is simply reinstall them from another source, you can follow these simple steps to get it:

Unable to Download App

If it still won’t download or open, there is probably nothing you can do at this point and wait until it gets signed again. But while you wait, you can use another great free app that is a great companion to Spotify++ while it’s not available. It’s called Melodista and it’s an offline free music player that cannot be revoked from your device and will always keep your music on the iPhone wherever you go.

I hope this article helped you! Enjoy!