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How to Download Music on iPhone (No Jailbreak, No Computer, No Wifi) for Offline Listening

Downloading music is a very popular topic among iPhone uses, as Apple offers only their premium services and tries to limit users and force them to use their own apps. However that’s not the case anymore. Especially with iOS 13 downloading music got much easier and simple, so now everyone can enjoy offline music on their iPhone! So stick around to learn how to Download Music on iPhone without jailbreak or computer.

How to download music on iPhone and listen offline ?

One of the most beautiful and easy to use apps that has a lot of features called Melodista.

Melodista Offline music
  1. Melodista opens up multiple features to the user, including:
  2. Importing Music from multiple sources: Files, Dropbox, Google Drive, Safari Browser Download, import from any app, Itunes and more!
  3. All of the player features: Shuffle, repeat, skip songs, volume control, streaming to devices, amazing animations.
  4. #1 Design with attention to detail and carefully to look premium.
  5. Weekly Updates to bring features, which users request.
  6. Mini player with remote controls form lockscreen and inside app
  7. Search and various formatting options

And many more! Here are some of the Melodista app screenshots:

You can try Melodista now, as it comes free, and will be free to use forever! Leave a 5 Star Review if you enjoy it and let the developer know what features would you like to see in the app.