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How to Downgrade from iOS 12.4.1 to iOS 12.4 in few clicks!

iOS 12.4 is one of the latest iOS version that allows you to install jailbreak. So a lot of people would like to upgrade/downgrade to this firmware version. Today, I’ll show you how to do it ion a few clicks!

What you’ll need for iOS 12.4?

  1. A computer – can be any: Windows, Mac or Linux
  2. An iOS 12.4 files itself
  3. Lightning cable for connection

How to Downgrade to iOS 12.4?

First, make a backup of your device to computer or iCloud account, so just in case you’ll have a full backup of your files to save everything you had before. Next, pick the right iOS 12.4 version for your device from below:

After you’ve downloaded the right iOS version, connect your device to computer and open iTunes. Click on iPhone/iPad icon in the left top corner.

Now, on windows hold “shift” and click “Upgrade” button, on Mac, hold “Option” key. This will now prompt you to select iPSW file, that you’ve downloaded previously.

Once you’ve done that, iTunes should start downgrading your iPhone/iPad to iOS 12.4. Now, wait till the end of the process. Enjoy!