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How to distinguish between AirPods and AirPods 2 by model number

On March 20, Apple released the second generation AirPods wireless headphones. Despite the fact that the company itself calls the novelty, as the “AirPods of the second generation”, the official name of the headphones is “AirPods”, without any prefixes. No wonder that because of this, customers will have difficulty distinguishing the original and the new AirPods. This article describes how to distinguish AirPods of different generations by model number.

Why it is important to know the differences?

The newest AirPods of 2019 and the original AirPods of 2016 have an identical name. Because of this, no doubt, lots of same mistakes will be made among buyers all over the world. Users will purchase AirPods, thinking that they are buying a second-generation model, but still get the original Apple wireless headphones.

The reason is that the original AirPods are no longer sold exclusively on the official Apple online store. Apple partners and numerous retailers of the company will continue to sell the first AirPods in parallel with the new AirPods. With the same name. While the one of the most clear difference is a wireless charging indicator, that’s not the index, as a seller can put 1st Airpods into second generation AirPods Case.

Fortunately, it is very easy to distinguish the AirPods among themselves by their model number.

However you need to make sure you are buying Airpods sealed and new in the box. Here’s how to distinguish AirPods and AirPods 2 by model number:

AirPods 2019 (case without wireless charging) – model number MV7N2
AirPods 2019 (case with wireless charging) – model number MRXJ2
AirPods (2016) – Model Number MMEF2
AirPods model number can be viewed directly on the packaging of headphones.

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