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How to Disable iOS Automatic Software Updates on iPhone, iPod touch & iPad iOS 12

iOS never had this annoying update system as there is now. In iOS 12, there is even an alert shown every time you unlock your iPhone on beta firmware. In order to minimize “Software Update”popups and alerts on your iPhone, you can follow the tutorial. This also will be useful for all of the jailbreakers to save their iPhone on the current jailbreakable iOS version.

There are 2 Steps which will allow you to disable automatic software updates:

  • Go into Settings – General – Software Update – change the toggle to OFF
  • If your iPhone already downloaded the new iOS version, go into Settings – General – Storage – Find the update in the list and delete it

This will now remove automatic software updates and free up some space on your device.

Now, we need to disable software update at its core:

Visit the page in your Safari Browser:

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 11.36.47 PM.png
  1. Click on “Download App”
  2. Click on “Install on your device”
  3. Launch the App from your HomeScreen
  4. Select the Third tab from the bottom menu
  5. Go into “Tweaked” Apps Category
  6. Select “Remove Auto Update”
  7. Click on it and click “Install” and proceed with installation
  8. Restart your Device
  9. All of the new Software Updates should be disabled

So this is how you disable Automatic Software Updates on your jailbroken or non jailbroken iPhone! Enjoy and share if you liked it!