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Hidden iPhone Settings You NEED to Change RIGHT NOW! IOS 12 – 12.1.1

Being a user who has 7+ years using a iPhone, I didn’t pay too much attention to every setting in it. At the first glance it might be clear, that iPhone doesn’t have much customization options or tweaks, Apple still makes it possible to change certain settings which in one or other way limit our smartphone usage freedom, and protects us when it comes to privacy. Today, I’m gonna list few important settings which need to be changed or revised in order to get better iPhone usage experience.

So, lets start from the first one:

1.AutoFill Passwords

This toggle is located in Settings – Passwords and Accounts. It allows you to keep all of the website login history and information to not be filling the password and login every single time you visit a website. It just asks you to rest your finger on touch id scanner or scan using Face ID. I personally have more than 300 websites and passwords that I don’t remember, so it can do everything for me.

 2. Send last Location

It’s in the Settings – iCloud account – iCloud – Find my iPhone. What it allows you to do is to send the last location of the iPhone when it reaches its bare minimum in battery and turns off, you will always know where you left it just before it went off.

3. Share iPhone and Watch Analytics 

Go to Settings – Privacy – Analytics. Go ahead and disable it because for one, it is constantly keeping logs and your iPhone usage information and for two, caches all of that info which in some cases weights above 1 gigabytes, so you are losing storage.

4. Do not Disturb 

You can find it in the Settings main page. Usually people don’t pay too much attention to that feature, but it turned out to be very important for me and I can’t really imagine the further usage of my iPhone without it. Set it to scheduled, I personally have it set from 1 am to 8 am, so no-one apart from my favorite contacts can’t call me during this time, it automatically rejects annoying calls, so I can sleep better. Remember just to add some of your contacts to your favorites so they can call you easily.

5. Wifi Assist 

Again, in the Settings main page – Cellular. This option is here to help you make your iPhone internet faster, by combining wifi and your cellular mobile data, it can increase the speed and make internet queries faster. But be careful, if you have a small internet plan or it will cost you a lot – disable the setting.

6. Static Wallpaper 

Choose Settings – Wallpapers – click on wallpaper and select “still”. So here is a battery drainer, after iOS 7 was released, it provided a dynamic, parallax enabled wallpaper by default which even at that time drained battery. Now, its no different, so if possible choose image to still to get better battery life.

7. Location Services

Settings – Privacy – Location Services. Go ahead and change location capabilities to While using or Never. If you see “Always” near any app, that means it is always using your location and drains battery.

So here are all 7 Settings that I’ve changed and wanted to bring to your attention. I really hope all or some of them were useful for you! You can watch my video, where I describe every setting in video form! Enjoy!