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Get Phantom for Snapchat iOS 14 Without Jailbreak / Computer

Phantom for Snapchat is a very popular tweaked app that features a lot of tweaks that are not available in the regular version.

This tweaked version isn’t available for iOS users on Appstore, however it is freely available in the app that we gonna take a look at – Apps4iPhone.

How to Download Phantom for Snapchat ?

Continue reading to learn how to get Phantom for Snapchat free without jailbreak or computer. First, get the app by using a download link below:

After installing Apps4iPhone follow the guide:

  1. Tap on Install and install the apps4iphone profile on your device
  2. Go to Second tab and open Tweaked apps in Categories
  3. Find Phantom for Snapchat or Snapchat++ and get it

Phantom for Snapchat (Snapchat ++) Features:

Phantom for Snapchat gives additional features to the iOS users, which have ability to:

  • Enable and disable tweaked version
  • Incognito mode for viewing snaps
  • New Caption effects
  • Password protect items
  • Save videos and photos directly
  • Select multiple contacts
  • Hold gesture can be turned off
  • Customization inside app
  • Keep Snaps in Feed
Phantom for Snapchat features

Phantom for Snapchat alternatives

In case you were looking for a Phantom for Snapchat alternative – Snapchat++ is a great one. It has all of the features and is also a free app. You can easily install it using apps4iphone.

Final Words: Phantom for Snapchat can be easily downloaded using apps4iphone.

Let us know if any links aren’t working below, Enjoy!