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Get iPhone XS Gestures on iOS 12 iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8 using ModKit

I’ve shown you that’s its possible to get iPhone X navigation on iOS 11 with jailbreak installed, but what about iOS 12? WE still haven’t seen a full fledged jailbreak for it! Well, it’s also possible on iOS 12 up to iOS 12.1.2 without a jailbreak. and here’s how.

So, I didn’t want to make you look for files in filesystem and do everything yourself, change variables and do a lot of stuff – all it takes is an app that I’ve created for it. It’s called ModKit – the new non substrate tweak installer that allows to install tweaks which don’t require a jailbreak. But don’t get me wrong, it’s still uses an exploit to bypass iOS limitations and sandbox to make changes in the system, so it’s only limited to these specific iOS versions mentioned above. Now, let’s get into the tutorial.

There are two files you will need for this:

ModKit -> Download & cydiaimpactor ->

Step 1: Make it sure you have already installed the latest version of iTunes on your Computer.

Step 2: You’ll also need the IPA file you want to install using Cydia Impactor. Get it and save it on the PC.

Step 3: Download the latest version of Cydia Impactor from the official site for your PC. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Step 4: Extract the zipped file to an easily accessible location.

Step 5: Connect your device to the PC using the USB cable.

Step 5: Now launch the executable file of Impactor.

Cydia Impactor Exe File

Step 6: Once it recognizes your iPhone, drag and drop the downloaded IPA – ModKit file on to it.

how to intall IPA file using Cydia Impactor with Drag and Drop method

Alternatively, you can also go to “Device” and select “Install Package…” option on Cydia Impactor.

How Cydia Impactor Work to Install IPA Package on iOS

Step 7: The application will ask for Apple ID username and Apple ID password which are used to fetch the certificate from the Apple’s servers.

Cydia Impactor gives error entering Apple ID username and password

If you are using the Apple ID registered with Apple’s Developer Program, you get the developer certificate which will remain valid for one year. In case you are using a non-developer ID, you get the certificate with 7 days validity only.

Step 8: Please be patient and let Cydia Impactor perform different tasks to sign and install the IPA file.

how to sign iOS app using Cydia Impactor

Step 9: Once you see the “Complete” message on it, wake up your iPhone and go to “Settings > General > Device Management”.

Signed iOS App IPA not Opening

Step 10: Open the just installed profile, and trust the developer.

Now, the ModKit should be installed on your device and you can open it. Once opened, click on Open ModKit, if the device restarts – try again after restart and disable low power mode.

If you managed to enter ModKit – go into Downloads tab and click on the install/uninstall button in the iPhone X navigation tweak.

Then, go back to the previous tab and click “Respring” so it will save all changes.

And That’s it! Enjoy the iPhone X navigation on your non-phone x model! If you’d like to discard all the changes – just do the same steps mentioned above and it will uninstall it. Watch a video tutorial for video step by step guide: