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Get iPhone X XS XR Features ANY iPhone!

Today, users or previous iPhone models got an ability to install any features from iPhone X or Xs. It will not only work on iOS 12, but every version of iOS 12, including the latest iOS 12.4 and that is thanks to the latest jailbreak update, that you can see here:

Thanks to that, we can now install tweaks and everything we need to get iPhone X features. Now, I’m gonna walk you through all steps on how to get these features.

  1. First, go to Cydia and add the following repo:
  2. Then search for a tweak called “LittleXS” and install it.
  3. After installation, the tweak should be working out of the box.
  4. You can use additional settings for that tweak in Settings app if you scroll down.

Watch the step by step guide on how to install the Tweak: