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Get Face ID on ANY iPhone 5s, 6, 7, 8 Plus on IOS 11.3.1

Face ID has been an exclusive feature to the iPhone X, soon it’s gonna also come to iPhone Xs and Xs Plus. But what should other iPhone owners do? Is there a way to it on the iPhone 5s or 7? Well, using a jailbreak tweak almost everything is possible and in this case it’s also possible! So let’s start.

So first, you will need a jailbreak installed on your device and if you don’t have it’s installed already so please watch this latest jailbreak tutorial to learn how to install it.


As you may have noticed the latest jailbreak only supports iOS 11.3.1 and it’s not compatible with the new iOS 12, so in case you have iOS 12 installed you may follow the tutorial as soon as the jailbreak is available.

1) Open up Cydia go into the second tab where we have sources click on edit then click on add and add the following source:

2) After that closed the installer window panes going to the last tab, where we have the search and search for tweak called Appellancy. Install it.

3) And when the Cydia is done going to your home screen and find Appellancy app and open it. Click on the top right button to add your face into the app so now it will take five photographs of you to recognize you better on the lockscreen. The more photographs you will take the better it’s going to recognize you.

4) Finally go into settings open Appellancy submenu item and you may change some settings.

And that is it you may now enjoy a full face ID alternative on your non-iPhone X model enjoy!

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