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Get Amazing iPhone animations on iOS 13

Many users believe that iPhone is a as it is and you can’t change anything when in comes to customisation. On one side, this is true, however if we look at the available options, there is another side that says it is really possible. So if you are ready – let’s start!

First, you’ll need to Jailbreak your iPhone, luckily it’s super simple these days. Make a backup to your iCloud or computer before installing, so you’ll be able to always have your files backed up.

In order to learn how to Jailbreak your iPhone, see our quick tutorial here: or watch that video:

Right after installing Jailbreak, you’ll have a new icon on the homescreen – Cydia. It’s a free AppStore alternative with much more features and extensions. Go into Search tab and search for “Cylinder” – it’s a tweak that allows customising your device animations.

Once you’ve installed Cylinder, go into Settings and scroll down until you see Cylinder sub menu above all apps.

Then, go ahead and select an effect and enjoy the new homescreen animations!