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Fix Apps stuck on waiting Tweakbox, AppValley, Ignition, Apps4iphone

Now while most oaf the apps are finally fixed from the recent revoke period, we still have a few problems with app installation, some apps won’t install from the following stores: Tweakbox, AppValley, Ignition. So let’s take a look at the possible ways to fix apps stuck on waiting issue.

How to Fix Apps stuck on waiting?

Method 1

One of the solution is to use other store, as the installation cache and logs are causing this issue, just chances are, you’ve probably installed quite a few apps before. One of the store we recommend to use is Apps4iphone. It has all of the apps and even more, such as iOS beta profiles and tweaks without a jailbreak. if you’d like to install it just visit and it will lead you to the installation.

Apps4iphone Tweaked Apps ++ Spotify++
Apps4iphone Tweaked Apps ++ Spotify++

Method 2

This method requires you to refresh all caches and logs on your device. As you know, these apps require Safari during the installation, so we should refresh it.

1) Go inside Settings

2) Find Safari and click on it

3) Scroll down and find Clear safari and Website Data and click on it ( beware: it will delete all website cache, history and data from your device)

And that is it! This should remove all issues you’ve had with app installation. if this was useful, consider selecting a reaction emoji below the post! Thank you!