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Best iOS 12 Powerful Shortcuts for iPhone, iPad 2019

When Apple bought the Workflow app, they renamed it to Shortcuts and made some significant improvements and adjustments. The most important thing that Apple did is they gave a possibility for people to create custom shortcuts and even program them. Today, we gonna take a look at the best shortcuts ever created, which will be useful for every iPhone and iPad user. If you don’t have shortcuts app yet – you can get it from here: Apple Shortcuts App. Now, once you got the app, we can start with Shortcut number 1.

Ultra Power Saving Mode

This shortcut allows you to save battery on your iPhone, select what to disable eg: Bluetooth or WiFi, or cellular data, lower the brightness and activate low power mode – all at the same time. Intelligent Power

File Downloader

As every iPhone user knows, downloading process is super complex. It has been improving over the years but it’s still not perfect, as it’s implemented using “Open in App” function. However with that Shortcut you can get the native downloading experience. Download File

Unarchiver – Unzip and Save

Apart from the download function, there are even more things, that iPhone can’t do in a simple way, and that is Unzip function. There are third party clients available for any iPhone, but they aren’t perfect in any way! With this shortcut you can unzip and save file in one click. Unzip and Save

Eject Water

Starting from Apple Watch series 2, it supports water ejection – you can eject water from its speaker after swimming, but we haven’t seen something similar for iPhone! Newer iPhone models (iPhone 7 and up) have a water resistance rating, but they are not waterproof. So, with this shortcut you can eject water from iPhone speaker if you ever drop it in the water, this will not only protect speakers but the iPhone from the inside as well. Water Eject

Emergency Shortcut

If you get in a wreck and execute this shortcut or say “hey Siri I got in a wreck” it will send your location to an emergency contact, turn your flashlight on and call a number (911 or emergency contact). Emergency Shortcut