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BEST iOS 12 – 12.1.2 Jailbreak Tweaks iPhone Essentials

Now that Unc0ver Jailbreak is available for iOS 12 – 12.1.2, we can move to the tweaks part. The main question is: What tweaks do I install first? or What tweaks should I take a look at first? Are there any good? So today, I’ve prepared the TOP 9 Unc0ver Jailbreak Tweaks for your iOS 12 Device which will get extra functionality and maximize your iPhone usage! So let’s start!

Before you install any of these tweaks, make sure you add the following sources into Cydia application: &  They include all of the tweaks mentioned in this article.

The first tweak on the list is Barmoji, it allows you to add the bottom row to your keyboard and have all of your recent emojis in a quick reach place, so there is no need to switch keyboard to use emojis.

The second tweak is BatteryPercentX, and its especially useful for iPhone X, Xr, Xs users because it’s showing the amount of battery juice left on your device instead of the battery symbol, which in my opinion is much more useful.

Third is FastUnlockX. If you own any of the Face ID enabled devices, you can make your life a bit easier with the tweak. Not only you don’t have to make a swipe from the bottom gesture, but it automatically unlocks your iPhone once you look at it, this definitely makes Face ID a lot faster!

Melior is a useful small tweak that finally replaces the stock volume HUD of the iPhone with a stylish video player like progress bar, no more screen covers, folks!

Noctis12 is our next big one! It brings the true OLED display optimized dark mode feature which looks absolutely gorgeous on iPhone X! Get it now if you want to save energy and in the same time get this dark mode on your iPhone!

Taptime is another small tweak that displays the current date once you tap time!

PencilChargingIndicator is my personal favorite! Have you ever wanted to get the Apple Pencil Animation on your iPhone without Apple Pencil? Well, it just does that + brings current charge and device name inside of the animation! Looks absolutely amazing!

FiveIconDockXI is one of the classic tweaks we had for years, but it just got much more useful with iPhone X, where you have more space for icons, simply saying: it brings one more icon option to the dock! Enjoy!

And last but not least we have AnimationsBeFast, which gives a little speed to your iPhone. It speeds up system animations and everything, you can easily adjust the speed in settings!

So that’s it guys! if you’d like to watch a full video tutorial, you can do it here! And be sure to give it a thumbs up and share with friend and family!