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Apple Releases Apple Watch Series 5 with Always on Display

Just after Apple demoed the iPad 7th generation, we got the new Apple Watch 5th generation. Apple Watch has become the number one watch in the world, for its love.

Apple Watch is now made from 100% recycled aluminum. It’s got a new 2 additional materials: titanium and ceramic. Titanium comes in dark and light colors. Stainless steel also now comes in space black color.

The chip behind the casing is now % better

One of the coolest new features of it is the always on display, so the display stays on all the time. It’s loaded with technologies, they allow the display to refresh from 1hrz to 60 hrz, so this allows to maintain all day battery life. All new faces are tuned to the new display. Its perfect for the times when you can’t rase the display, os its super convenient and useful.

Another feature is the built in compass. With the updated maps app, now you can see what direction are you facing. Developers can take advantage of it in their apps.

Some safety features like SOS which is life-saving, got better. It now can call emergency in 150 countries in the world.

Apple also released 2 new health studies:

  • Hearing
  • Cycle tracking
  • Apple heart and movement

They are partnering with a few famous and credible associations. You can actually enroll into the study by using the new Research App.

The new series starts at 399$, Apple is also keeping the Series 3 Apple Watch in the lineup with a price of 199$.