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AltStore is Not Safe to use, here’s what you need to know!

AltStore is a new store for installing apps on your iPhone or iPad. After it’s release, a lot of people got interested in it and started using it. However, not many think about all of its potential threads, so in this article, I’m going to present them all.

AltStore steals your Apple ID

While you may think that providing your apple id is safe and no one cares about it. AltStore may have a hidden backend code that steals your apple id information and sends it to their server. They may later sell this information to third parties and can cause serious damages to you and your devices. AltStore asks twice about your apple id and that’s the most sketchy thing, as you may even provide two different Apple id’s so they can get more information for their own use.

AltStore can hack your computer

Along with stealing your Apple ID, Altstore installs its own application on your PC or Mac. So not only your iPhone can be taken over but also your computer. Moreover, it also asks for installing an additional Mail client, which could also impact your mailing activity or even steal information or your email address.

AltStore Background Activity

A third major potential thread is AltStore background activity – it always runs in the background on your computer. It may be executing some code, installing or downloading additional code, and changing parameters of Windows. During my own test of AltStore, I also noticed my iPhone heat up more than usual, without any major activity, so it has been doing something in the background without my permission.


If you’d like to get apps for your iPhone, I highly advise you to use other services such as Apps4iPhone. Because it never installs anything without your permission and it never asks for any Apple ID. And if you still want to use AltStore, use it only at your own risk. AltStore can break into your devices and steal information at any moment. So what i advise you to do is to at least create a diffrent Apple ID. So even if it does something phishy, you’ll still keep your main id safe.