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AirPower is not Canceled! You can get it NOW!

This is honestly the most interesting and exciting thing that I’ve wrote for this month on the blog – AirPower. Many sources and official ones say that Airpower was canceled and will never hit the market. However, today I’ve got it on my table, or what you can call the AirPower Reincarnation! So lets check it out! You can watch the unboxing and quick overview here:

First, the box itself doesn’t look so genuine, but we gonna try to focus on the product itself. So, opening up the box, we have an AirPower inside. It looks exactly like it should, has all of the visual features of the real one but there are 2 thing that are different: First, the connector is not lightning, its non-removable, and the plate has a visible circle – a place for charging Apple Watch.

This wireless charging mat has only 3 coils in comparison to rumored AirPowers 20 – 25 coils, so you need to place all gadgets to the respected coil positions to charge them.

And yes, it will for sure charge every Apple Watch model – series 1 and up! However it wasn’t tested on series 0. As for the AirPods, not all of them have wireless charging enabled, it can be done with a case from Baseus, like I’ve chosen here.

This Airpower can be purchased from a link: Buy Airpower.

Enjoy! And Stay tuned for more!