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A11 Bionic Chip crushes every Android phone processor

As Apple finally revealed the iPhone 8 & iPhone X, someone was fast enough to already get the Geekbench scores out of it. First, taking the Apple Official information, A11 Bionic Chip is 70% faster in CPU department and 30% faster than iPhone 7 GPU.

iphone X specs

These impressive numbers make us already think that the new iPhone will not only outperform other smartphones like Galaxy Note 8 but also some computers!

iphone 8 geekbench

So based on the provided results, this iPhone is even faster than my Hackintosh powered by a Skylake i3. And not only that, it even beats the lowest end latest MacBook Pro! That is all thanks to the new technology which allows this iPhone to utilize all of the power from a processor, meaning use all 6 cores at the same time. Its hard to imagine where this amount of ¬†power can be used, but probably the Augmented Reality is an answer, as Apple make a huge stress on it during the keynote. So starting from today, iPhone X & 8 users won’t have to think about processor at all – all of the games, videos and demanding applications will run smoothly on it.